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¬† is a leading online retailer of products that inform, educate, and inspire. The group also has stores in the Canada, Germany, France, Japan and United Kingdom. Because we exist “virtually” on the Web, we have unlimited shelf space and can offer a selection of over 17 million titles including over 13 million Book titles and over 1 million music titles. Compare that to a typical physical-world book superstore, which carries around 170,000 books, or a typical physical-world music superstore, which carries around 34,000 CDs.

Titles have different availabilities simply due to their demand, proximity, and availability to We also source our products from various distributors. The availability on products we obtain from distributors may vary according to whether the distributor has the product in stock or not.

If a title is listed as out of stock or unavailable, it means that it is not currently available to or not in stock through our distribution channels. However, you may still be able to sell out of stock items through our Marketplace feature.

Our sales rank is just like a bestseller list, except instead of listing just the top 50 or so titles, it includes millions! The lower the number, the higher the popularity for that particular title in comparison to other items listed. Items are ranked within their product category only, so a book, CD or DVD ranked at Number 1 is the best-selling book, CD or DVD at, but may not be the overall best-selling item.

Sales rank data is calculated hourly. While we cannot provide specific information about our calculation formula, Marketplace sales are also included in the calculation. Please keep in mind that our sales rank figures are simply meant to be a guide of general interest for the customer and not definitive sales information for vendors – we assume you have this information regularly from your distribution sources.

We don’t provide sales information to vendors at this time due to the competitive nature of our business. It is recommended that authors/artists/actors contact their publisher/label/studio, or publishers/labels/studios contact their distributors, for more information concerning the sales of their titles.

At, it’s up to you to make your titles stand out on our virtual shelves. You have the opportunity, using descriptive content and images, to personally hand-sell your titles to customers and persuade them to purchase. Following are the most important pieces of information you can add to your product detail page.

At this time, we do not sell banner advertising on our site. However, for information on Co-op promotional opportunities, please visit our Coop page.

The best way to promote your book is to add descriptive content and images (as described above) to your book’s detail page.

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